Sunday, March 22, 2020


The purchase of new construction on the Costa Blanca has regained dynamism. There is a large amount of new construction started in Finestrat , Benidorm, Villajoyosa, La Nucia and Alfaz del Pi, so the options are multiple . At Myrentalia we are local specialists and we can advise you effectively and safely in the process of finding the new work that best suits your needs.

There are many advantages to buying our home on a flat plan: there are no reforms to make, many developers allow a certain level of customization, they are homes that comply with the latest regulations on efficiency and insulation, current design, located in expansion areas, etc.

It is good to know a series of recommendations when we decide to buy new construction:

 1º.- Meet the trajectory professional and compliance of the promoter. To do this it is advisable to know r previous projects and level of compliance.

 2º.- Visit the pilot floor. Apart from the infographics and audiovisual material that the developer can provide, the visit to the pilot apartment is the only tangible element that has s to decide the purchase. It is where you can see how your home will be once it is finished, its distribution and materials used.

 3 º.- Carefully review all documentation going to sign, this is both the reservation contract and the earnest money contract. Is should of indicate data such as the location of the promotion, housing chosen, the final price including VAT , the qualities of termination , the payment schedule agreed , if we are to be subrogated to the mortgage of the developer, how it ensures the money given and how it will be recovered if the promotion does not go ahead or the penalty if the buyer decides not to continue with the purchase .

 4 º.- Calls t be included ode documentation that NEEDS t to flush for when the work is finished. We refer to the plans of housing, building specifications, the certification of the end of work, the first occupation license and the certificate of occupancy , the statutes of the community, the energy performance certificate, etc . Also keep all the brochures or advertising where the promotion is announced so that it is a true reflection of reality when the work is delivered .

 5º.- Analyze your present and future needs and check that the house meets them. Confirmed before the signing that will permit the developer will a range of customization possibilities enough housing.

 6 º.- Verifies that all contributions delivered are secure. Since January 1, 2016, it is established that the developer is only obliged to insure the amounts delivered as from the obtaining of the building license. Make sure , if it is your case, that the developer has an endorsement for the amounts delivered in advance of this building license.

 7 º.- Meet taxation affecting the new work.

When you buy a new construction home, the tax that the buyer must pay is 10% VAT for new housing or 4% for protected housing. This tax is paid to the developer , who is obliged to pay it to the Treasury.

 8 º.- Claims defect.

Typically Revis is your house completed before delivery and signature of writing. E s when you sharpen the view and indicate all faults can be observed termination. We recommend that it be reflected in writing and request that they be repaired before signing the public deed of purchase.

The responsibility for damages must be jointly and severally assumed by all the agents involved in the construction process: developer, builder and architect. The claim deadlines are as follows:

- 10 years for structural defects : beams, pillars, foundation, floors or walls contention.         

- 3 years for construction elements or installations that affect the habitability of the building,         

- 1 year for defects in finishes.         

These terms start from the delivery of the work by the builder and not from the purchase of the property.

 9 º.- Request legal advice. The best thing is that you let yourself be advised by professionals. At Myrentalia we have independent lawyers , who can provide you with all the information you need to safely sign the contracts that involve the purchase of your future new construction home.

 10 .- It is important that you previously know the level of after-sales service that the developer will provide you and how to act before completion or installation defects. At Myrentalia we aim to make it easier for you to start living in your new house, for this we take care of contracting on your behalf the water, electricity and gas supplies or the search for competent home insurance .

 We are local specialists in advising our clients on the purchase of new construction in Benidorm, Finestrat , Villajoyosa, La Nucia and Alfaz del Pi